Our First Full Season of Festivals...
Big Retreat Wales - Timber - Noisily -
WOMAD - Sun and Moon - Sunrise Celebration

"I visited the Hypnosis Lounge at the Big Retreat Wales and tried the Confidence & Charisma hypnosis.

The peaceful lounge was the perfect place to relax and let go and I felt the impact almost immediately. I'll be back for another session soon and will be downloading online. Thank you."

A Lounge where Relaxation & Wellbeing is the Focus

The Hypnosis Lounge is a space for shedding the limiting beliefs, masks and layers that keep us from living our authentic connected lives.

A tranquil and peaceful environment where you can sit back, slip of a pair of headphones and come on a journey of positive healing and transformation.

Welcome to the Hypnosis Lounge...

Come in and we’ll help you choose a session that’s right for you.

Food for Thought

Whole Brain Nourishment

"What a delightful meditation! I felt my heart open and look forward to the feeling of abundance filling my life. Thank you!"

Naia - Nosily Festival

"Lovely experience, great to give my body and mind the love and rest it needed 🙂"

Carla - Timber Festival

"Calming, wholesome & restorative. Delightful space, thank you so much for sharing "

Karen - WOMAD Festival

"Skilful, appropriate and sensitive wording. Very soothing voice, really opened my mind. Thank you."

Ollie - Big Retreat Wales

Choose a Session from our Extensive Menu:

  • Hypnosis

    Full Length Dynamic Hypnosis recordings. The short-cut to a better you.

  • Meditations

    Guided Tranquil Hypnotic Meditations and NLP Visualisations 

  • Trypnosis 

    A unique blend of Trypnaual Audio technology and Dynamic Hypnosis

  • PowerNaps

    Short 11 Minute Mental Recharges and Powerful Rejuvenators

Boost your health, happiness and general well-being. Maximise your present experience, open your heart to opportunities and tune in to the potential that surrounds you. Let the stresses of everyday life melt away. Release the past, let go of anxiety, worry and doubt. Renew, Recharge & Rejuvenate.

Listen to a ALL of John's Hypnosis...

What's Inside The Hypnosis Lounge?

A Growing Library of Transformative Neuro Hypnosis sessions covering motivation, relaxation, confidence, mindset and more. 

Unlimited streaming access to all current and future Hypnosis Lounge releases. Ongoing Mindcamps and more...

Connect with me on You Tube and Insight Timer for free hypnosis sessions…
and Let the stresses of everyday life melt away.