The Most Requested Hypnosis Session From Season #1

Each Festival had it's own #1.

But overall it seems people have stuff they want to do... that they weren't getting done.

The Overall Number one is...


I wouldn't have guessed.

The events were a mixture from some very spiritual people, magickal folk, Shamans etc. party goers, new age, hippies...we did some family friendly wellness events and met a real mixture of people.

Bottom Line: People wanted to Get Stuff Done. Quickly, differently and get it done so as to enjoy life more.

You know what its like... when you actually get started and do the washing up, it gets done, it wasn't that bad and now you've done it. Now you can do something else.

It's one of those tips for overcoming procrastination... and it works.

Just get started. Brain Tracy talks about eating a Frog. Gross!

There are jungle frogs hopping about occasionally in the house I'm staying in at the moment... holed up at the top of a mountain (big hill) properly in the jungle, in India. And I wouldn't want to eat one of those frogs at all!

Its a gross metaphor meaning, get started. Go For It. Take some action. And when you do movement happens.

Hypnosis has been shown to be 15 times more effective at helping people Overcome Procrastination.

We had such an amazing time at the Hypnosis Live Lounge to wellness festivals this year. 

We welcomed over two and a half thousand people into the Hypnosis Lounge.

Maybe you were one of them.

The pictures above simply don't explain how much fun it was for us to meet everyone.

And the transformations that happened...

From curing phobias to increasing peoples confidence, drive and levels of wellbeing. Along with removing a few hangovers... I didn't know my new track Deep Theta healing would be that effective at eliminating a hangover, it's not what I created if for.

Our Guestbook is full of amazing comments and the emails I've received since remind me why I do this.

"I visited the Hypnosis Lounge at the Big Retreat Wales and tried the Confidence & Charisma hypnosis.

The peaceful lounge was the perfect place to relax and let go and I felt the impact almost immediately. I'll be back for another session soon and will be downloading online. Thank you."

I'd Love to Hear Your Suggestions for a Session

Maybe you've got something that comes to mind and you'd like me to create a new hypnosis session for you.

Or maybe you'd enjoy some of these suggestions from the festivals.

  • Making Good Decisions
  • Goal Setting
  • Stress Busting
  • Intuition
  • Beat Sugar Cravings
  • Wealth Thermostat

"What a delightful meditation! I felt my heart open and look forward to the feeling of abundance filling my life. Thank you!"

Naia - Nosily Festival

"Lovely experience, great to give my body and mind the love and rest it needed 🙂"

Carla - Timber Festival

"Calming, wholesome & restorative. Delightful space, thank you so much for sharing "

Karen - WOMAD Festival

"Skilful, appropriate and sensitive wording. Very soothing voice, really opened my mind. Thank you."

Ollie - Big Retreat Wales

If you're ready to use Hypnosis to Overcome Procrastination... You can Get Started or Find Out More.

How To Overcome Procrastination, Increase Your Motivation & Achieve Your Goals with Hypnosis

Overcoming Procrastination